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                                            Photos from the Family Rosary Crusade 2011 !
                               October 15th, 2011, San Francisco Civic Center Plaza

Mary & Rosary         

Rosary Rally Crowd in 1961 Blessed Virgin

One of several Nationwide Rosary Rallies, the event in San Francisco in 1961, led by Fr. Peyton, drew a crowd of 550,000!
For the 50th year Anniversary of this event, a Rosary Rally was held at San Francisco Civic Center Plaza,  at 12 Noon on October 15th, 2011.

For the Official Rosary Crusade website, click on the link below.         

  The Legion of Mary,
    San Francisco Senatus  
Family Rosary Crusade 2011 !!
      October 15th, 2011
       San Francisco Civic Center  

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Rosary Rally

Below, Fr. Lawrence Goode, Spiritual Director, SF Senatus, Addresses the Rally     
Fr. Goode at the Rosary Crusade

        Rosary Rally Page       Official web site -


Rosary Rally

Rally crowd


                          The Legion of Mary, San Francisco Senatus
                                Report on the 
Family Rosary Crusade 2011

                                                                           October 15th, 2011      

The Family Rosary Crusade was held at the Civic Center in San Francisco, and was attended by about 2000 people, many priests, nuns, the Missionary of Charity sisters, Bishops Justice, Walsh, and Wang, and parishioners from Sacramento, Modesto, all over Northern California, and many other states.
Fr. Lawrence Goode, Spiritual Director of the San Francisco Senatus, gave the Introductory Remarks, and Fr. Apostoli gave the keynote speech. The weather was ideal, a beautiful sky with some clouds and a gentle breeze, the most beautiful day of the year in San Francisco, thanks to Our Lady. Five Families and their children, each took turns leading a decade of the Rosary. Also delightful were the many mothers, fathers, and children present
who came and said the Rosary.

The San Francisco Senatus wishes to thank the SF Archdiocese, Knights of Columbus, EWTN, Eva Muntean of the Walk for Life, Fr. Apostoli, all of the loyal Spiritual Directors of the Legion Of Mary, the
Cantors, the Choirs, those families who participated in saying the Rosary, the Diocesan Priests, The Dominicans and other Religious Orders, the Parishioners from many Churches, the San Francisco Police Department, the Recreational Park Police, The SF Park and Recreation Department, Sound and facilities management, those others who offered assistance, those Legion of Mary Officers who worked hard to make the Rally a success, those who contributed funds, and most of all, the citizens of San Francisco, for their kindness and assistance.
Civic Center Fountains
See a Life on the Rock EWTN Program, featuring the Rosary Rally, on You Tube!!      EWTN's Channel - YouTube
Below are photos of Catholics who attended the Family Rosary Crusade 2011......

For photos of Legion Members, click on the link PhotosLegionMembersRosaryRally

Missionary of Charity

Catholic Radio
SF Plaza
Family Rosary
Rosary Rally Crowd
Rosary family
Park Ranger
Rosary Family
Rosary Family
Rally Crowd
TV Media
Rosary Family
Rosary Family flags & Rosaries
Fr. Apostoli
Quarterback Pope
Missionaries of Charity
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Promote the Rosary Rally - a 60 second MP3 audio is available -    2011 Rosary Crusade 60 Version

Rosary Rally Flyers, are available below - click on the links to access
Flyer for the Rosary Rally B&W     Flyer for the Rosary Rally, in color, and PDF format      Spanish PDF Black and White   Tagalog PDF Black and White

Chinese PDF Black and White Flyer
     The Family Rosary Crusade 2011 Banner (as below, jpg)
                                                         The Banner for the Family Rosary Crusade 2011

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