Come! Join the Legion!

The initial question one might ask in becoming a member of the Legion would be this - why join the Legion of Mary when I am already a Catholic attending Mass every Sunday? While there is not a single perfect and complete answer to this question, we ask you - why not try it? After all, ten million Catholics worldwide could not possibly be all wrong and so for many years of their lives, they lived, served and died in the service of Christ and Mary. The second set of questions could be  - what are the requirements of membership?  How much time does it require? What would I gain from being a member? We hope that this page would shed some light and inspiration to all our current members and our future co-workers in the salvation of souls!  

Why Join the Legion? I am a Catholic regularly attending Mass?

Today's modern world of technology (social media and now, the birth of Artificial Intelligence) has created a void in the life of man. This void is the lack of a spiritual life that has deeply wounded man's soul. Our mission is very clear. It is the mission that came forth from Our Lord, Jesus Christ himself - make disciples of all men, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Our duty as Catholics is to take an active role in the mission of Christ, the mission of the Church and that is bringing forth our brothers and sisters into Mystical Body of Christ, HIs bride, the Church. The battle is being fought in all fronts, within and outside of the Church.  We need disciples and missionaries to bring those outside in the Church. We need to rekindle those inside (the lapsed Catholics) to possess the missionary zeal of evangelization and apostleship. By our baptism, we are called (not really an option!) to take part in this mission. It would not be enough to go through this journey of faith by focusing on ourselves alone. We we need to bring others.  One way to fulfill this mission is through the Legion of Mary. Come join us in our evangelization works.      

Membership Requirements

The Legion of Mary Handbook (Chapter 13) states that membership to the Legion is open to all Catholics who:  a) faithfully practice their religion; b) are animated by the desire to fulfill the role in the Church's apostolate through membership of the Legion; c) are prepared to fulfill each and every duty which active membership to the Legion involves.  

Requirements B and C above are quite self-explanatory. A member applying for membership to the ranks of the Legion should at the very least be enthused and inspired to be an apostle of Christ. If you are lukewarm in your approach to sharing the Catholic faith with others, then the Legion may not be the right organization for you as we are always on duty to save souls. The Legion Handbook serves as the governing document to keep it running effectively and efficiently and every member and officer are bound to obey its rules and regulations. However, it is the first requirement (A) - "faithfully practice their religion" seems  'open-ended' and thus needs some clarification.   

What Does 'Faithfully Practice Their Religion' Mean?

In 2020, the San Francisco Senatus circulated a document "Membership Requirements of the Legion of Mary, Chapter 13" to clarify what 'faithfully practice their religion" mean?

"Faithful practice of our religion is to live and affirm what our Catholic Faith teaches based on Christian doctrines found in Holy Scriptures and Sacred Tradition and are part of the Deposit of Faith safely guarded by the Church Magisterium. A Legion of Mary member seeking admission to its rank must therefore be a Catholic who is faithful to the dogmatic and doctrinal teachings of the Catholic Church as defined by its Magisterium (Ordinary and Extraordinary) in union with the Pope and all its Bishop and are found in its Catechism and writings of the Church Fathers and Doctors of the Church. "

The San Francisco Senatus draws its inspiration from Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone's "Statements of Church Teachings" which he circulated to high school teachers in the Archdiocese of San Francisco. For more details and for your guidance, refer to the San Francisco Senatus document. Click here to review and download.

How Much Time Is Involved in Joining the Legion

The Legion of Mary holds a Weekly Meeting of the Praesidium (the smallest unit or group in the Legion organization) and is is an hour and a half meeting. The President of the Praesidium must keep the meetings within the allotted time. In addition to that, every member must fulfill their weekly apostolic work assignment which is usually two hours weekly. An officer of the Praesidium is required to attend the Monthly Council Meeting of the higher council to which they are affiliated or attached to. Thus for a member, the total time involved is three and a half hours each week (which is 2.08 % of the total weekly number of hours God has blessed us with!). This is not much to offer God, particularly Our Blessed Mother, who have given us many abundant graces. This little time that we spend doing our Legionary duties will amount to a growth in holiness beyond measure. 

What would I gain if I become a member?

The Legion of Mary offers no material compensation to its priests, Spiritual Directors or any of its members. However, there are so many 'hidden' benefits in its membership. First, you will meet new friends from all walks of life - people you would have probably not met if you had not joined the ranks of the Legion. In the Legion of Mary, are people of different background, education, career, culture and language. Second, you will begin to experience the life of an apostle (or evangelist). You will soon start to talk to others about God, your faith. as a Legionary is a witness to Christ. Third, as you mature in the Legion, your faith, prayer and spiritual life deepens and you begin to grow in virtue as Our Lady would show and guide you in holiness.  Fourth, you will learn more about our Faith as Legionaries are required to defend the Church and its true Magisterial Doctrines. And fifth, Masses and prayers will be offered for you by the living members of the Legion, until you are safe in heaven!  

How Do I Join? 

To join the Legion of Mary, you must apply for membership by contacting the officers and members of your local parish. You can also contact us, using this page, and send us basic information about you so we can connect you with the nearest Praesidium where you reside. As the Legion of Mary serves in the parish,  recommend joining the Legion of Mary if there's an existing group already. Usually, you will find that in the list of your parish organizations. However, if there's no Legion praesidium listed  as one of your parish organizations, please feel free to contact us as we might help you (with the approval of your pastor) to establish a new praesidium.